Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chickens!!! Whooo!!!!!

In an astounding display of support, Town Meeting members in Arlington voted last night to allow for the keeping of up to 6 hens (with plenty of restrictions) in Backyards in Arlington!!!! Whooo hooo! More details here:, with more to come after this weekend!


welshpurpletree said...

hooray! That is good news. Does this mean you'll be getting some chooks soon?

Pam said...

welshpurpletree - Yes! I have to wait until October, when the bylaw goes into effect, and I have to sort it out with the upstairs neighbor, or find a different suitable location, but YES!!!


Heather said...

That is awesome Pam! I got my meat chicks today and I can't wait to get my layers. June 1 for them to ship. What a victory!

Kateri said...

Yay! Chickens legal in another town! Good news for chickens and egg eaters. =)

Feel free to email me said...
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Feel free to email me said...

Congratulations! on your hard work. I'm glad it paid off. I live in Brookline, MA and was looking into getting Serama chickens to be kept as indoor pets. Serama's are the lightest and smallest chickens in the world. They are from Malaysia where Serama's are more popular as a household pet than dogs or cats.
I have an incubator which I hatch Button Quail ( but thinking of getting some Serama eggs. If you or your blog readers are interested in Serama chickens as pets please contact me by email I love to share what I know about this tiny chicken.
It would be great to start a community of Serama chickens in the Boston area.
Again, congratulations on your defeat.