Friday, August 28, 2009


Tomatoes! I finally have ripe tomatoes! My early efforts in the garden have also turned up garlic and some very poorly weeded, but not too small onions. They tasted great, we had some last night! Also, the raspberries are starting to ripen - yum! Tom served me some last night with homemade whipped cream I had made and frozen earlier this year. A little bit of garden happiness!

Oh, I forgot to mention what kind of tomatoes they are! The big ones are "Sioux" from Pemberton Farms. The pear-shaped ones are "Beam's Yellow Pear", the tiny gold ones are "Gold Rush Currant", the red cherries are either "Tommy Toe" or "Peacevine", I can't find the tag, and the purple cherries are actually volunteers from last year that turned up in my asparagus bed, but I can't remember the name right now. Apparently my compost bin does NOT get hot enough to kill seeds! They sure are good, though.


Daphne said...

I don't think anything can kill tomato seeds. I've had my pile up around 160 and the tomato seeds do just fine in the heat.

Cindy said...

I'm still waiting for all those green tomatoes to turn red. It's been a bad gardening year around here too... either too hot or too cold for long stretches. I also learned a lot about placement this year. It's nice to see a bit of harvest.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm looking forward to hearing more about this little sprout. At least one garden is thriving!

AJK said...

What a boutiful harvest!!!

Sally said...

It feel funny to say at the end of August "finally, tomatoes!" That was the case with a lot of us. I'm glad you got a varied bit of harvested goodies.