Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More seeds started!

I started some warm weather seedlings last night!

Red Brandywine - slicing
Tommy Toe - cherry
Peacevine - cherry
Glacier - slicing
Federle - paste - 

Peacework Bell
Chocolate Bell
Garden Sunshine bell
Alma Paprika
Golden Treasure banana (sweet)
Sangria hot ornamental

Diamante Celeriac
Redventure Celery
Sage, culinary

Honey scented Alyssum "Summer Peaches"
Snapdragons "Chantilly"

And I'm also trying out some dyers plants
Indigo (blue)
Madder (red)
Weld (yellow)

I'm excited!!!

I also bought a cart for the community garden, and some extra landscape fabric to help control the weeds.  And a collinear hoe, which is supposed to be easier to weed with.

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