Monday, April 27, 2009

Sing a song

I forgot to mention the coolest thing that happened to me this weekend.  My next door neighbor has a 5 year old daughter that is just so cute - very precocious.  She learned about composting and nature on Earth Day and wanted to help me in my garden this weekend.  I figured - what the hey.  She slowed me down a little, but she was willing to take direction, and was just so darned enthusiatic.  The next day I also let her help, in the morning, and she also came out and helped me plant blueberries at the community garden.

So Saturday (I think) she comes running over to me - "Pam!  I have something for you!"  It was a card, with writing on it, and I thought, how cute, I got a thank you card from a 5 year old.

But her mom says, "Sophie, sing it like you did before!"

And I got serenaded, to the tune of "clemantine", by a 5-year-old:

"I love planting flowers!
I love planting flowers with Pam!
Pam is the best flower planter in the world!
Thank you Pam!  
I want to do it every day!"

It was awesome.  :-)


Daphne said...

That is so cute.

Sally said...

What a great story! Nice way for a kid to follow up on what she learned on Earth Day. True, you sometimes have to be patient when exposing children to gardening, but the investment can result in a valuable learning experience and a love of nature.

Pam said...

Thanks Sally! I do like to encourage fellow gardeners!