Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peas and toad lilies

Something is eating my peas!  The stems are all that are left - all the new leaves are being eaten right off.  What could do such a thing?  I looked for slug tracks but didn't see any.  I thought perhaps my beetle problem was gone since I started adding organic matter to the soil, to make it more moist, but maybe not?

Also today I:
  • Planted out cranberry bushes from Johnny's Selected Seeds - "Howes"
  • Planted out my own mystery cranberry seedlings from the grocery store cranberries
  • Planted out sweet alyssum seedlings
  • Planted out Lovage & Salad Burnet
  • Started seeds for lettuce, more spinach, swiss chard "bright lights",  and beets - "bulls blood" and "chioggia"

And, my Toad Lily is blooming today!  First ever!  Hooray for native flowers!  You can see the native virgina bluebells in the background.  So pretty!


Daphne said...

Maybe rabbits?

Pam said...

Hi Daphne! I don't have any rabbits in my yard at home, which is where the peas are. I suspect slugs or beetles. I've had problems with both in the past. Oh, well!

Sally said...

Sorry about your peas. Hope you can get to the bottom of this problem.

Those are beautiful native plants. Can they grow in the shade?

Pam said...

Hi Sally! The toad lilies HAVE to grow in the shade! They like it shady and a little moist, so I put down some good compost & mulch, and actually water this area of the garden. I think these lilies come in all kinds of colors - I've seen some that were white with pink dots on them, but couldn't figure out where to buy them.